This article is in response to those readers who wanted me to demo the native Symbian Belle FP1 browser on 808 PureView. So what I have done in the demo is that,

  • I have used two moderate heavy sites and the desktop version of both for rendering, as this is toughest test for any browser.
  • I have also demoed “Opera Mobile” browser in the second video, opening the desktop version of one of the moderate heavy website.

Some impressions:

  • Native browser impresses with the speed it renders the desktop version of both the sites. Opera Mobile will look slightly better in rendering speeds.
  • What I like about the native browser is the fact that the pages open with text in a readable size, while with other browsers you have to zoom-in.
  • Now you can press and hold on the opened pages and will be welcomed with a context sensitive menu with many options.

Check the demos,