808 PureView’s firmware version 112.20.309  is now available on NaviFirm. This is for the first time that 808 PureView’s firmware has appeared on NaviFirm. This is the latest version to be revealed yet. If you remember we saw a version 112.20.308 in a very recent video posted on YouTube. 112.20.309 seems to be the final release version for 808 PureView.

Strangely enough this firmware is available for China and not for India and Russia where it will be released first.

Lumia 900’s new Tango firmware 2175.1601.8773.12141 is now available for many countries including,

Argentina, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Phillippines, Hungary, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Netherlands, Malayasia,Poland, Thailand, italy etc.

Seems Europe and SE Asia countires are going to see Lumia 900 releases in very near future. If you remember the earlier version 12140 was only available for Finland and Lumia 900 already started selling there.