Steve Litchfield from AAS has finally managed to pit PureView phase 2 against PureView Phase 1. Lumia 920 vs 808 with similar shots from HTC OneX and Lumia 900 used for comparison. As always, they have done it in a very fair and correct way. All the cameras have been used at 8MP resolution. Crops from sets of photos have been put together for the comparison which gives you clear idea about things like capturing details, texture etc. There are seven sets varying from Low light to Daylight to Close up to Fast Moving subject.

They have awarded scores out of 10 to each camera in all the comparison sets and then added to get the final score. So, the final score goes like this,

  1. Nokia 808 PureView 61 pts
  2. Nokia Lumia 920 PureView 57pts
  3. HTC One X 34 pts
  4. Nokia Lumia 900 28 pts

That was expected. 808 PureView is still the best Cameraphone in the world but Lumia 920 trails it with not such huge difference in the scores and that is good news for Nokia !! Yet, Steve confesses that if they have used Xenon flash on 808 PureView the difference could have been more and we nod our head :).

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