What seems to be the first ever review of 808 pureview by some media channel, NDTV  a famous Indian media house has posted a video review of the 808 pureview and they seem to be most impressed with,

  • Polycarbonate body with a cover design. Funky Looks 🙂
  • Professional looking camera with 41 MP sensor
  • CBD display
  • Device color options available
  • Simplicity of Belle User Interface

They have also compared imaging capabilities of 808 pureview with DSLR Canon 5D Mark 2 in what seems to be “not so impressively done shootout”. It seems they have sometimes not used correct modes for photo capturing , sometimes even the compared pictures are different, sometimes the distance of image capture is also different. Need to wait for GSMarena or AllAboutSymbian kind of shootout to come, which covers all the aspects of comparison in a more professional manner.

But anyways, 808 pureview earns some good points also from the shootout, and the reviewer says,

  • This is best what you can get from a smartphone camera.
  • Pretty impressed with photo capture options which according to them is like any good digital camera.
  • No pixelation of any kind on enlarging the photos.

Check the video below for more,