So great news here!! 808 PureView¬†the Symbian power device¬†comes to “Nokiapoweruser”. Really tough to conceal my excitement ūüôā

Quick first impressions,

  • Premium feel. Solidly built. Ergonomical¬†cameraphone design.
  • The display is very bright and colors just pop up. CBD AMOLED is just awesome.
  • Fits very well in hand and pocket.
  • Camera is really quick.
  • Quick comparison with¬†N8¬†reveals the difference¬†in UI and overall performance. 808 takes nearly¬†half the time of N8 in executing nearly all actions. Even 3rd party apps launch faster on 808.

As you can see, I could lay my hand on 808 PureView late in evening, hence expect bunch of awesome pics of 808 captured by the earlier cameraphone King N8 coming soon in next article.

Review and Camera comparison with N8 coming soon!!