If you remember, we asked you to vote for 808 pureview in a poll conducted by phonearena for picking up best phone at MWC 2012. So, now the results are out, and 808 pureview blows away the competition with 68% votes. Testimony to pureview and Belle FP1 goodness.
Check what phonearena has to say regarding the results,
You picked the Nokia 808 PureView as the best phone at MWC 2012. With some 68% of your votes, it was a landslide victory for the Symbian-powered device bringing a mind-boggling 41-megapixel camera with PureView imaging technology for stunning images.
Second ranked the HTC One X getting over 15% of your votes and it’s also worth an honorable mention. The One X embodies the latest technological advances – it will feature the 28nm power-efficient and LTE packing Snapdragon S4 dual-core chip in the US. The international version is stuffed with Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core, which should match the performance of the S4 without offering LTE.