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6snap updated to 1.2

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6snap is Rudy Huyn’s snapchat client, and if you do not already have it than you are missing out.  The new 1.2 update brings several new and improved features to popular snapchat client.

  • includes all 6tag filters322ed588-fc5f-41b6-a7e9-5904445291ec
  • Supports custom value for story privacy
  • Blur your pictures: manual blur, manual focus, tilt-effect
  • Fast app resume
  • optimization for low-spec devices

There were some pretty nice changes applied in this update.  If you are currently using windows phone and want to snapchat this is your only option, which i personally like better than the official snapchat.

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Go ahead and download the new version by clicking HERE, and let us know what you think is the best addition.


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