The popular and addictive Android game 100 turns has finally made its way to Windows 10 platform. It’s basically an endless runner game where you have to take risky turns on zig zag line and after 100 zig zag turns the game will reach to finish line and you will be exclusive player to win this game. Check out game description below.

100 turns

Run for your life and perform risky turns on a zig zag line that randomly builds up high above the save ground! The ultimate goal is to do 100 turns to reach the finish line and be one of the exclusive players to win this game. As the game speed drastically increases while you play, there is only one question: Are you the one to do the 100 Turns?

Game Features
• Game gets faster and faster
• Do 100 Turns to complete the game
• Addicting zig zag running
• Various characters to choose from

You can watch the game trailer below.

The game has been live on store. As the game is UWP, you will also able to play this game on your Windows 10 PC. The size of game is 103.06 MB. You can grab this game from store link below.
[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4ttbs]