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Zombify – Be a Zombie goes free as myAppFree app of the day for limited time


The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Zombify – Be a Zombie. Now you can transform yourself into a biting, groaning, brain-eating zombie! Select from tons of mouth & eye options, then select environments, add weapons, and even creepy creatures to customize your zombie

App Details:

Name: Zombify
Developer: Apptly LLC

Standard Price: $1.99*
Promotion Price: $0.00*
Start date: 27th April
End date: 28th April

Zombify – Be a Zombie Features:

  • TRANSFORM your photos into gruesome, animated zombies!
  • TRY TONS of Zombie mouth, eye & items options
  • ANIMATED weapons, environments, and crawling creatures amp up the scare factor.
  • SPREAD the Zombie virus by sharing photos/videos!


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