8844ad26-b043-43b1-8324-5ab5b0d2e41dRussian search engine Yandex has released its  YandexMusic  app for Windows Phone. It offers personal recommendations and offers daily free music to listen to.

Description and Features:

Discover new music
Personal recommendation is a few hours of free music every day. The more you learn the application, the more precise the features new tracks, albums, and songs of the factsheet, which like your friends.
With free radio stations you can discover new music in your favorite genre or style, similar to that of specific performers.
Gather your collection
Is everything like you on Yandex. the music will be included in your music library. You can listen to your tracks as you wish through the application or website.
Any tracks and playlists can be saved in the application and listen to them at any time without a network connection.
Try it for free
All the features of the new Yandex. the music is available for free for a month. After that you can continue to listen to the radio and personal recommendations. Or pay for a subscription to extend access to your music library and the offlinemode