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Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 now available. Flashing Instructions.



Microsoft is soon expected to release Windows 10 Mobile for Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1, but in meantime the company was also working closely with Xiaomi to launch Windows 10 Mobile on Mi 4 devices.

Today, Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi is finally available to download. For those who are looking forward to try Windows 10 Mobile experience on Xiaomi Mi 4, you need to reflash your device with Windows 10 ROM. However whenever you wish to go back to factory version of Mi 4 you can again reflash the device with MIUI ROM.

You can watch the video of Windows 10 Mobile on Mi 4:


It is worth to note that Windows 10 Mobile ROM currently supports only LTE version of Mi 4. However Windows 10 Mobile experience could be a lot buggy on Xiaomi Mi 4 compared to Lumia devices.

You can download Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 by clicking here. Check below for Windows 10 Mobile to Xiaomi Mi 4 official flashing instructions.

How To Flash the Windows 10 Mobile ROM on Xiaomi MI 4:

  • Download the attached MiFlash20150601.zip file, decompress the file after download
    MiFlash20150601.zip (25.96 MB, Downloads: 1758)
  • Double click the  MiFlash20150601.exe to start the installation. There will be starting note of installation, click on next
  • A  Windows Security Alert popup may appear stating that ‘Windows cant verify the Driver”,  click on “Install this driver software anyway (I)”
  • Once the driver installation is done, click on Finish to complete the installation of the Mi Flash Tool
  • After completing the installation MiFlash tool will be in your installed programs of your system, double click to run the program

Downloading the Windows 10 Mobile ROM:

Method One: First you need to have a Microsoft account, click into https://insider.windows.com , select the “Getting Started”> Sign in to your Microsoft account> Submit registration page. After successful submission of the registration page, you will become a successful member of the Windows membership program.. Then click on the “Mi”, you can find the download address in the new out of the page.

Method two: just click to download the following address: http://download.microsoft.com/do … 102.3063.Retail.zip
(we strongly recommend the first method to download)
Unzip the downloaded firmware

Enable developer mode on the phone.

On Mi4 LTE, click on “Settings” -> “About phone” and then click on the “MIUI version” five times.

Enable USB debugging on your phone.

Connect Mi4 LTE into the computerand on the device, go to  “Settings” -> “Other Settings” -> “Developer Options” -> “USB debugging” -> and enable the US debugging.

on your computer Use command Prompt (cmd) and then enter into the command line window, and then navigate to the installation MiFlash Tools folder, such as C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Google \ Android in cmd prompt, type the following and press Enter: adb reboot edl after completing this step, Mi4 LTE will be blank until the installation of the Windows 10 mobile version, which is normal. (How to navigate to the destination: Type cd C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Google \ Android, and then type the command again adb reboot edl shown below)

Install the mobile version of Windows 10 on Mi4 LTE.

The first step to start the download is complete the MiFlash on the computer, and then in the tool UI, click the “Refresh” to connect Mi4 LTE. You will see the emergence of line items in the tool called “COM” in, followed by a number. The third step is to open and extract the firmware download folder, copy the address in the address bar, in miflash paste the address bar, and then click the “Flash to write.” When the tool displays “Flash write completed” to indicate that you have completed.Press the power button on Mi4 LTE to start using Windows 10 for mobile. (As shown below )

Using the above instructions one should be able to flash the Windows 10 Mobile ROM on Xiaomi MI 4. Currently it is available for only the LTE version. In case you are facing issue with Flashing, click here to go to the Xiaomi official Forum thread.
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