If you remember long time back we reported you about the presence of likes of Nokia DogPhone, Fluid, Phi on “Occassional gamer” website.


Now one more device Nokia P4301 joins this club and makes the number of devices to be Four.

Now in a direct confirmation of these code names of upcoming Nokia WP8 devices, developer of Love Wallpapers HD has supplied with the same codename of Nokia phones along with the WP8 OS versions the devices are running.

Image credit:WPDang 

So now we have four code names confirmed here from two reliable sources (Developers).

Nokia Fluid

Nokia Phi

Nokia Dogphone

Nokia P4301

And we have four Lumia device names available from RDA leaks,





To me it doesn’t look like mere coincidence. So, one thing looks confirmed that Nokia is working on four WP8 devices and may be we already know the names 🙂

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