Windows Mobile 10We have expressed our doubts about Microsoft skipping on Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 earlier too and now it seems more or less confirmed.

As per our sources, Microsoft is going to push Windows Mobile 10 or Windows 10 Mobile preview to “Insiders” pretty soon. It will be announced during 21st event. This in fact is in line with the original schedule of Windows Phone 9 (Windows Mobile 10 now) that we had reported long time back.

GDR2 was supposed to be out in October but it was later scraped it seems and some of its tipped changes like “Mobile Data Toggle” and Cortana for more arrived with GDR1 version 8.10.14219.314.

Now, it seems the broader hardware support and other UI changes that GDR2 was supposed to bring will come with Windows Mobile 10 preview. So, GDR2 is mostly done away with unless there is some change in plans later. For your information GDR2 update has been ready for sometime now and skipping it means Microsoft has to do away need for “one more cycle of update” after Lumia Cyan and Lumia Denim.

It will be a welcome move though, if Microsoft releases Windows Mobile 10 preview soon, as that will mean, we can expect a high-end device running Windows Mobile 10 by MWC 2015.