Windows 10 Lumia 532Microsoft seems may have revealed that the mobile version of Windows 10 may still be called only “Windows 10” after all. If you search for term “Windows 10” on Microsoft Lumia sites, you will see the above result mentioning the latest Lumia 532 as Windows 10 ready.

This does look like a catch though, as other products including Lumia 435 are not mentioned as Windows 10 ready, but we may see the pages getting update soon in near future. So, though we had some evidences like this and this for the “Windows Mobile 10” naming, may be Microsoft wants to keep it one name for all Windows 10 SKUs in line to the strategy of one Windows.

We had earlier mentioned about Windows Mobile 10 getting prominence as the next major update for Windows Phone over Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2. We may be seeing first evidences here.

Thanks Abid and everyone else for the tip. Cheers!!