Lumia625-pic2-465Nokia seems getting back to the top on its home turf with Lumia devices sales. Windows phone OS has overtaken both Android and iOS in sales share of new smartphones for the first time with 35% share in Finland. In case of business users WP devices enjoy 50% sales share. Turnaround time, we say!! This has been revealed in recent report of the research company Market vision. The report says,

“The Finnish smartphone platforms in the market is different from other markets. In most other countries dominating the Smartphone market on the Android platform, while in Finland, the Windows Phone is putting a strong foothold in the Nokia family of bet, “says Market vision, a leading analyst Toni Nygr√©n tiedoteessa.

The company turned on the Windows Phone platform, the station is still more robust and the Windows Phone platform has taken the corporate smart phones from the beginning of the leadership with a market share of almost 50%.

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