FH_Bing-appsMicrosoft has updated Bing apps with Windows Phone 8.1 compatibility. The update apps arrive with a Single sign-on and individual new features like cooking video with Bing Food & Drink app. The Bing News app also gets expansion with addition of “The New York Times Blog”. The Single sign-on looks like a very neat feature and will save lots of hassles by allowing seamless access to any Bing app.

The refreshed apps are available to only those running developer preview version of Windows Phone 8.1 or those who have purchased new devices running Windows Phone 8.1.

We are releasing a broad set of updates to the Bing Apps which are available for download and will now ship standard on new Windows Phone devices.   The app updates are available only to users on Windows Phone 8.1 which is currently in developer preview.  It will be available to existing users running compatible hardware and on the next wave of Windows Phone devices in the coming months

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