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Windows Phone 8.1 teased to bring USB OTG support

wp8.1 OTGNawzil, whom many trust as a person with reliable Microsoft sources, has teased USB OTG or USB On The Go support coming with Windows Phone 8.1. As mentioned in tweet, once connected with a USB mass storage device, it will inform “USB storage detected, tap to view files”. Tapping on the message will open file manager which will show files. This feature will be welcomed like crazy by hordes of users coming from platforms like Symbian and Android.

As our Windows Phone 8.1 changelog page mentions,

Windows Phone 8.1 is certainly proving to be a huge OS overhaul than some mere cosmetic changes and nearly all settings, start screen and native apps have some changes to report.



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  • Our Man in Lima

    I have a new Lumia 735….and it is not detecting the usb stick I just plugged in….

    • Kamal

      It won’t as USB OTG is not supported yet by Windows Phone.

  • tru4kor

    I checked in my win 8.1 lumia device by connecting to storage device but its not detecting 🙁

  • DrHRH

    It would be nice but it seems very unlikely that we’ll get all these wonderful changes. Microsoft appears to have been so backward thinking in the first place to have made such a terrible OS with so many restrictions and so many useful features missing that I will eat my shoes if we actually get even half of what all these leaks are claiming. I just can’t see how they could have suddenly woken up and realised how far behind the competition they are. Surely they knew this one, two or three years ago.

    Think about it. We’re going to get USB OTG – an excellent file management system – when at the moment there’s no File Explorer whatsoever and you can’t even put photos or videos in a folder? It just doesn’t add up.

    I’m taking all these purported changes with a generous pinch of salt. I’ve put my Lumia 1520 up for sale in anticipation of the massive anti-climax we will inevitably feel at the underwhelmingly disappointing lack of progress made in the next update.

    I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong.

  • JLIT99

    This is a really serious improvement.. and also confirms a file manager will be on its way.

    Will it come to existing devices, I wonder?

    • Kamal

      Yup, it should come as it looks like a software restriction as such.

      • DrHRH

        Any sign of USB OTG for the 1520? I’ve actually grown to love this phone and to live with its shortcomings. Overall, amazingly it may seem to some, it’s probably the best phone I’ve had, at least since the HTC Desire. That phone was exceptionally good when it first came out. Anyway back to the question – is USB OTG a pipe dream or what?

        • Kamal

          As of GDR1, there is no USB OTG. Hopes pinned on GDR2 🙂

          • DrHRH

            Thanks for the reply. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ve got a new problem: since this update, each time I wake up the phone I get the black screen “resuming” issue. Any ideas how to solve it? Haven’t found a solution yet elsewhere.