file picker wp8.1

How Windows Phone 8.1 will tackle Files upload and download has been bit of mystery till now, as official changelog doesn’t cover it. But we have seen Emulator videos demoing file picker and saver actions. Now, a BUILD 2014 session covers how the files are picked and saved in Windows Phone 8.1. As can be seen in the above screenshot Windows Phone 8.1 is on par with Windows 8.1 in files sharing, File open picker and File save picker.

File picker features:

  • Support both Open and Save
  • Seamlessly go out to the cloud to get a file
  • Save to the cloud
  • Update latest changes as required (handled by the provider)
  • Apps shouldn’t care where files come from or go to
  • Work well on affordable devices
  • Available for Windows Runtime and Windows Phone Silverlight apps
  • File providers can be photos / videos, OneDrive, SD card, Documents or any app

sharing wp8.1

Another major enhancement is in the way, sharing content in Windows Phone 8.1 has been enhanced. So, you can share text, links, office files, HTML and even custom pages. All the apps that have sharing contract will be available for sharing your content.

Content sharing features:

  • Enable user-driven sharing between apps
  • Apps can freely share content from source to target
  • No distinctions between 1st and 3rd party capabilities
  • No limitations on content type
  • Work well on affordable devices
  • Windows Runtime AND Windows Phone
  • Silverlight apps
  • Share multiple formats
  • Use ApplicationLink and WebLink
  • Save your state