Music-Video-wp8.1It is raining native apps updates!! We covered quite a few yesterday and also that Settings now have Device Hub. Microsoft has today pushed updates for Music and Video apps for Windows Phone 8.1. Check out below for the full changelog,

Music Changelog:

In version 2.5.3991.0 you will find:
  • It’s now a bit faster to resume and browse the app.
  • If we can’t play a song, we now offer a more useful error message.
  • We handle connectivity states better.
  • Bug fixed where album art doesn’t show up for playlist songs that are not in your collection.
  • Stability improvements when scrolling lists and launching the app from Cortana.
  • Content begins syncing in the background following app updates.

Video Changelog:

The update (version 1.5.3989.0 on Windows Phone 8 and 2.5.3989.0 on Windows Phone 8.1) fixes two issues:
  • Some customers saw a perpetual “Loading …” message instead of their Collection.  
  • In some instances TV and Movie detail pages did not load.