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Windows Phone 8.1: MicroSD card speed requirements, Lumias getting three tiles in a row option.

SD card WP8.1More Windows Phone 8.1 news here. Seems, not all Lumia devices will get “more tiles option” which enables three mid-size tiles in a row on start screen with the Windows Phone 8.1 update. According to reports from Coolxap and Nawzil, Lumia devices which will have display size of less than 4.5 inch will not get this option with Windows Phone 8.1. So, only below devices will get the “more tiles option”.

•Nokia Lumia 625
•Nokia Lumia 630
•Nokia Lumia 920
•Nokia Lumia 925
•Nokia Lumia 929
•Nokia Lumia 1020
•Nokia Lumia 1320
•Nokia Lumia 1520


Info also gets revealed about speed level requirements of MicroSD cards that will be able to support ‘apps installation on SD card with Windows Phone 8.1‘.

Minimum speed levels required to support the app installation movement to SD card is above Class 6 SDHC card Class 10 SDHC. No support for Class 4 SDHC cards or below. Windows Phone will automatically detect the inserted SD card and if the SD card speed does not support the minimum requirements, the app movement form phone to SD card option gets deactivated.
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  • yomal

    I have inserted a 64 GB micro SDHC class 10 card. After some time an error message shows that card should be format. All the contents are loss due to this for several times..
    Help plz ( I have Lumia 535 dual sim phone)

  • Akshata

    WhY I can’t save the photos received in whatsapp n any other app to sd using lumia 625 ????

  • Pro

    My Lumia 630 can not read the micro SD card,please assist

  • clinxr

    Hi, im wondering if getting 64GB will work well with 1320. im planning to buy a fast microsd to improve the performance of my app saved in sd however i wonder if 64gb will have issues with 1320. or should i stick with 32

  • Aravind Natraj

    Recently I purchased Lumia 720 mobile and inserted the 16gb sd card from my previous mobile .I could not read the contents of the card.I connected the mobile Lumia 720 to my laptop thro usb and it showed phone memory and external sd memory.
    .In the external memory I could see all the files which I had stored.
    When I removed the mobile from laptop I could not locate those files.kindly help me to resolve this problem.

    • Kamal

      What was your previous mobile?

  • Karthik

    can i useee a samsung 8GB SDHC card for lumia 63o mobileee ?? Does the mobile support it.??

  • paula

    Hi, I have a 1320 with 8.1 preview but the extra row of apps option is not available… When I upgraded my 520 it gave me extra row, but not the 1320?? Anything I can do to get it? Thanks

    • Kamal

      Lumia 1320 already comes with 3rd column of tiles.

  • sreekanth

    Can you please suggest me a best 32 GB sd card for my Lumia 1320… i m confused.
    What about having 64 GB for the same?
    Thanks in advance… 🙂

    • sreekanth

      somebody plz reply ….

  • Rajat Sankhla

    When i upgraded my nokia lumia 1320 to 8.1 OS through preview for developers, i found that it started crashing a lot. Just in 10 hours, i gave it two hard resets and around 50 soft resets. It always say that my SD card is having some problem, but i formatted the SD card and then put it in my phone. but it is still crashing. It hangs a lot. It automatically switches off and a goodbye screen starts appearing for around 10 minutes(Seriously 10 minutes). I bought it just 2 days ago, and its performance is so dissatisfactory..

    • Kamal

      Did u try removing SD card and then check whether you are still getting random reboots?

  • I don’t mind upgrading to class 6 SDHC on my HTC 8S for some bucks, than replacing my phone due to storage problem.

    or these requirements are only for Nokia windows phones??

    • Kamal

      It is about Windows Phone 8.1, so will be valid for all Windows Phone 8 devices 🙂

  • Rokesh

    I want to know that whether the Current WP8 are upgradable to WP8.1. For example, Will Lumia 620 be upgradable?

    • Kamal

      Yes, all WP8 Lumias are..

      • Nabs

        I have Lumia 525, can it be upgraded to 8.1. I didnt get any option. Please suggest

      • Nabs

        Please let me know if Lumia 525 is upgrable to 8.1.