SD card WP8.1More Windows Phone 8.1 news here. Seems, not all Lumia devices will get “more tiles option” which enables three mid-size tiles in a row on start screen with the Windows Phone 8.1 update. According to reports from Coolxap and Nawzil, Lumia devices which will have display size of less than 4.5 inch will not get this option with Windows Phone 8.1. So, only below devices will get the “more tiles option”.

•Nokia Lumia 625
•Nokia Lumia 630
•Nokia Lumia 920
•Nokia Lumia 925
•Nokia Lumia 929
•Nokia Lumia 1020
•Nokia Lumia 1320
•Nokia Lumia 1520


Info also gets revealed about speed level requirements of MicroSD cards that will be able to support ‘apps installation on SD card with Windows Phone 8.1‘.

Minimum speed levels required to support the app installation movement to SD card is above Class 6 SDHC card Class 10 SDHC. No support for Class 4 SDHC cards or below. Windows Phone will automatically detect the inserted SD card and if the SD card speed does not support the minimum requirements, the app movement form phone to SD card option gets deactivated.