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Windows Phone 8.1 Keyboard: How to write faster, add life to messages & more tips.


Windows Phone 8.1 comes with a great Keyboard called “Word Flow” keyboard, which holds world record in fastest typing speed. This has been possible by combining Windows Phone’s already capable keyboard and new swype-like input method.

Still there are some tips and settings which may make using this Keyboard faster and more enjoyable for you.

While writing if you tap and hold some of the keys you get to many new key inputs and that saves lots of time for you. Have a look at some of the examples below. You can find some more by yourself.

wp8.1 kbYou can press and hold on the currency €, to show more currencies. This one is for our Indian readers and now you have a dedicated “Hinglish” keyboard. For changing Keyboard you need to press and hold the Keyboard key.

While writing a word, you can select and use the Shift ↑ key to capitalize the first letter or the whole word. The new Keyboard is very rich when it comes to letting your message speak with emoticons and images. While typing itself you will be suggested emoticons by the keyboard. It is not only about emotion though and you can chose food, animals and so much more to insert into the message.

Changing various keyboard settings:

Go to Settings—-> Keyboard and tap on any keyboard. You will be presented with lots of setting options. There is also something called advanced settings tapping on which presents you with option of comma and switch back to letter after typing emoticon.

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