Windows 10 MobileMany have asked me about what I expect from today’s event in terms of revelations for Windows Phone users. So, here is what we deem as highly probable and less probable in the first Build of Windows 10 for Mobile or Windows Mobile 10. These all changes are what we have heard yet from our all sources, leaks and other reports.

Highly probable:

1) Windows Mobile 10 will feature new Music player, Video player, Gallery (Photos) apps

2) New redesigned store app

3) Hey Cortana will comeĀ  to more devices

4) FLAC audio and MKV video support

5) Translucent Live tiles and Full background wallpaper support (UI wide)

6) Improved notification center

8) OneDrive auto-sync to phone

9) Lumia Camera UI will be adopted for the default camera app

10) Broader hardware (processor) and new display resolution support (2K)

Expected / less probable in the first Build:

1) Interactive Tiles

2) Flyout Tiles

3) Split-screen multitasking for devices with bigger displays

4) Sorting of settings

These changes include some of the most talked about or visible Windows 10 changes that may spill over to Windows Mobile 10, the underlying OS being the same.

We have earlier reported via our sources that first Windows Mobile 10 preview Build will be announced during today’s Microsoft event and should be expected soon to hit Phone Insiders. Now, our sources tell us that it may be matter of 2-4 weeks, before we should really expect first preview for our devices.

We have also reported about Microsoft fast-tracking Windows Mobile 10 development and will push the OS to manufacturers by late Q2. MWC may be quite interesting and some first devices running Windows Mobile 10 (or whatever it is finally called) may appear during MWC and we are growing in confidence about a high-end Lumia among the others.