Window 10 KeyboardIn the Second & Third Window 10 for Phones hand-on videos, we cover Phone Settings (a deep dive), new Keyboard, Impressive Speech to text and take a closer look on universal Photos and Alarms app on our Lumia 730. Check the first hands-on video covering UI changes, actionable & expandable notifications here.

Settings, Speech to Text, New Keyboard, Universal Photos & Alarms:

  • New Phone Settings app is all-organized and has all the settings that used to appear asĀ  a big unintuitive list on Windows Phone 8.1 under broad categories. East to find and understand where to find what.
  • The keyboard has a pointing stick that lets you move the cursor up & down and also right & left when you type anything
  • You can use the impressive voice to text typing which is precise, fast and even puts punctuation mark itself as you speak. The best that you may have seen yet
  • Universal Photos app has all the camera roll and OneDrive images shown in the same view.
  • Photos app still miss feature like “auto-enhance” auto album creation and folders view seen on the Photos app on Windows 10 desktop.
  • Alarms app is redesigned and have 4 tabs with Alarms, Timer, Stopwatch and World Clock.

Windows 10 for Phones hands-on video: