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Outlook Mail & Alarms apps on Windows 10 Mobile receive updates

More Windows 10 Mobile app updates here!! Outlook Mail & calendar app that snagged some UI changes in yesterday's update has again been updated but this time we weren't able to find any changes....

Windows 10 Phones hands-on: Settings, Speech to Text, New Keyboard, Universal Photos & Alarms

  In the Second & Third Window 10 for Phones hand-on videos, we cover Phone Settings (a deep dive), new Keyboard, Impressive Speech to text and take a closer look on universal Photos and Alarms...

Windows 10 desktop alarms app will come to Phones too as an universal app

  Windows 10 has many universal apps like Music, Video, Photos People Hub and Maps and these will be present on all Windows 10 SKUs including Windows 10 for Phones. Add the Windows 10 Desktop...

If the stock Alarm app just doesn’t cut it for you then try AlarmMe

If the stock alarm application on Windows Phone just isn't what you want to look at everyday, maybe you want something with bright colors and a Modern UI look to it.  AlarmMe if the...

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