Lumia Camera 5.5.7Time for our Build 10052 hands-on video!! We have demoed redesigned People, Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar in this video, though all three apps were present in Build 10051 too. But these three apps are much more stable and run more smoothly in Build 10052. What is more interesting though is the Lumia Camera 5.5.7 ( Camera app) that comes with Build 10052.

  • Lumia Camera 5.5.7 is really the fastest Lumia Camera app yet in terms of both launch and shot to shot timings. We have demoed it on Lumia 925 and Lumia 525. Also on demo is the feature which allows one to shoot video or burst capture by long-pressing the camera button when in Photo mode.
  • People app has a new look and may be liked and disliked depending upon individual taste.
  • Outlook Mail has in-line reply, toggle to choose mail accounts, one tap integration to Outlook Calendar, much better message typing and very rich formatting features. You can also swipe left or right to do many things like delete, mark unread, Flag based on what you select in settings
  • Outlook Calendar has integration with Outlook Mail and a easy to use UI. Though it still looks incomplete.