With the future insider build for insiders on the Fast Ring, Microsoft is expected to introduce a neat new feature for Windows 10 Mobile Creators update.

Consider a scenario, where you have downloaded a heavy game and it crashes or misbehaves a lot, and has occupied some considerable chunk of storage on your phone.

The only option you would think of is to remove/uninstall the app to get rid of it.

Now, with the new “RESET” feature you can simply restore all apps/games downloaded from the Windows Store.

How this works?

Microsoft has reviewed the storage section found under Settings > System > Storage

Here are some points of interest:

  • For each app you can dig down and check the application data as well as the data consumed from the date it was installed.
  • No color code appears for storage of Apps & Games, system, temporary files, etc. It will simply be the current Accent color you have chosen.
  • Under advanced options for each app, there is a RESET button which will restore the app to its newly installed state. (apps and games > advanced options).

Take a look at some screenshots below: