Build 11082 Mobile

Yesterday we reported about three Windows 10 Redstone builds on WinCentral. Windows Redstone is successor to Windows Threshold and is expected to arrive next year in two waves similar to TH1 and TH2, the two waves we have seen builds from this year.

Now it seems that Build 11082, the most recent Windows 10 Redstone build seen on Buildfeed, may be under testing for Windows 10 Mobile too. In fact one of the tips we received claims that Insiders may not received a Redstone build before end of the year, but the Mobile and Desktop builds are under testing in a synced manner. The Build 11082 is mentioned as “10.0.11082.1000.rs1_release.151210-2021”. RS1 corresponds to Redstone 1, the first phase of Windows Redstone.

Thanks for the anon tip, our tipster!!