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Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581: Impressions, Bugs & Workarounds

Build 10581.1

Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581 and you can read official changelog and known issues by clicking here. Now here we are with our first impressions and some bugs & possible workarounds that we have found in Build 10581.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581 first impressions:

  • Build 10581 offers a smooth upgrade from existing Preview builds. Though for some devices installation takes a bit more time. What you can do is to plug-in your device and that “installation at 0%” is a bug that suddenly jump to installation at 100%.
  • While the build comes with its own share of known issues, it is very polished, probably the smoothest and fastest Windows 10 Mobile preview build to play with. Though initially you may face some quirks in terms of apps crashes like Messaging and Photos (fixed now).
  • The Build has issues with storage settings and app installs to SD Card and that may be a deal-breaker, if you really want to use SD card for apps installs on this build.
  • It hasn’t crashed even once on my devices and runs impressively well even on low-end devices.
  • Battery discharge rate wise it is better than Build 10572 resulting in impressive Battery life.
  • The Mail & Calendar have perhaps the best experience yet to offer on this build. No “fix your account” messages.
  • Store works better than before on Build 10581 and number of zombie apps updates have reduced to just “Two” on this build. Installations seems faster too.
  • You can’t try Hard reset on this Build, as you won’t be able to change Storage settings to SD Card after that. If you don’t have a SD card, go for a Hard reset and you may find the Build to be even more ready.

Build 10581.2

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581 Bugs:

  • Can’t move app to SD Card. Some users are getting funny errors. Soft reset won’t fix this.


  • Messaging app may crash on launch when you have just upgraded. A soft reset fixes this.
  • Even if you are able to move apps to SD card these may crash. A restart or soft reset may make things better.
  • Somehow I wasn’t able to unpin the second “Phone Tile” on my Dual-Sim Lumia 640 Xl unless I did a hard reset.

In a nutshell, Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581 is quite impressive as a daily driver, but if you are on Build 10572 or previous builds and use SD Card a lot for apps, you may like to wait for the next build. We will share our detailed hands-on video review after playing with the build for some more days.

Do let us know if you find more bugs and we are happy to update our article.

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  • Dakshitha Mevan Dias

    Edge crashes when opening nothing comes up lumia 525

  • McHale72

    At best, 10581 is still far from being a finished OS. WAY too many bugs and missing features. If 10586 is just a polished up version of 10581, I’ll be sticking with 8.1 for quite some time.

  • DKJr

    True, this is one of the best of all previous builds. Crashes and battery drain have certainly improved a lot.

  • Getting random hands and cashes but I am using an SD card so hopefully the next build will be good enough to upgrade my 1320 as a daily driver. Cortana set for Australian speech is painfully slow.
    I do like the integration of the phone app between PC and phone but find it weird that the phone has to be on for things to sync properly. All in all this build is very promising for a Winfan ? ? ??

    • Kamal

      Sync is one are Microsoft has to make things easier and more intuitive.

  • Hemang

    Phone app in 10581 build still need improvements. We cannt see contacts offline and without syncing ro email clients or social media.

  • Hemang

    Ms must bring apps which are necessary for Lumia and in window phone 10 eco systems.
    1 gestures beta.
    2. Movie creator beta.
    3. Video tuner.

    Hopefully it will cone before final release of win phone 10.

  • Hemang email not been able to add as in email clients.nor can seen in accounts under email accounts probable bug or something