Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 is here and if you are in Insider Fast ring you will be able to install the update. But before you tap on “check for updates”, you may need to go to Windows Insider app and reselect Insider Fast ring and then check for update. In case you are new to Windows 10 Mobile preview you need to follow our tutorial for updating to Windows 10 for Phones.

Click here to read what Build 10512 brings officially and also have a look at known issues before you make up your mind. In case, you have a lot of tiles on your start screen you may get stuck and may need to do a reset or need to use recovery tool to roll-back and then update to Build 10152.

Some phones with a large number of tiles pinned to the Start screen may get stuck in a state where the device shows “Loading…”; the device will need to be reset or rolled back to Windows Phone 8.1 using Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

Installation experience:

The update takes around 40-45 minutes in getting downloaded over a good connection and may get stuck at times (server load) and then you may need wait or restart or do a soft reset and it may download again. The update is around 400-500 MB in size. So check whether you have up to 1 GB free on your device and your device should have battery charge of more than 40% for update to take place.

Installation and data migration takes another 40-55 minutes, so a bit of patience is needed. Post-upgrade migration status screen might spend a long time. But as per Microsoft “just let the phone sit and it should complete this migration”. It went quite smoothly for my Lumia 540 but for Lumia 640 XL it is still downloading the update.

Build 10512 screenshots gallery:


wp_ss_20150813_0001 wp_ss_20150813_0002 wp_ss_20150813_0003 wp_ss_20150813_0004 wp_ss_20150813_0005 wp_ss_20150813_0006  wp_ss_20150813_0008 wp_ss_20150813_0009 wp_ss_20150813_0010 wp_ss_20150813_0011