Build 10512 hands-onSo, here we are with a long hands-on video of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512. As Build 10512 hardly brings any noteworthy changes other than those 2000 fixes, we have tried to cover all the major app changes like Photos and Camera that landed after  Build 10512. We have also shared our detailed impressions of the Build 10512. Read our full Build 10512 coverage by clicking here. Read all about Windows 10 Mobile existing and upcoming changes at our dedicated page.

Build 10512 Impressions:

1) Build 10512 is one of the fastest, smoothest and most usable Windows 10 Mobile build yet (Build 10166 being the other). All the basic stuff like Mail, Phone, Messaging, Store, Photos, Maps work fine.

2) Compared to Build 10166 though the improvement are hardly perceivable. It fixes some but brings some new OS crashes. App crashes have though gone down from Build 10166.

3) We have it running on our main devices and it is worth recommending as a daily driver (if you are fine with Build 10166, you would be fine with Build 10512 too). Battery Life is good and we never faced any heating issue in daily use.

4) In a nutshell don’t expect massive improvements over Build 10166. The build while famously fixes 2000 bugs, brings some new bugs of its own. Check the bug list below.

Build 10512 Bugs:

These are most common bugs (if you use it on your main device) in Build 10512.

  • Some bugs are so visible. Check the blinking “Quiet Hours” in Action Center. Workaround: Nothing works
  • Device may reboot when network conditions change or just freezes. Workaround: Soft reset provides temporary fix.
  • Common freezing and crashing of apps like camera, Microsoft Edge, settings and others now occur rarely. Workaround: A hard reset may help.
  • If you click on Outlook Mail notifications in action center it never opens the mail in question. You can’t even access other accounts if you open Mail app from Action center. Only way is to close the app and reopen. Workaround: Nothing works

Build 10512 detailed hands-on video: