Build 10166 hands-onSo, here we are with a 15-minute long hands-on video of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10166. We have tried to cover nearly all the changes that Build 10166 brings with itself: listed or unlisted. Though there may be some changes that we couldn’t cover. Do let us know in comments and we may cover them next.

To read about all the changes that this build brings click [here] [here] [here] [here] and [here].

Build 10166 Impressions:

1) Build 10166 is certainly the fastest, smoothest and most usable Windows 10 Mobile build yet. The animations look good and the build rarely shows sign of its Beta status. Compared to the last Build 10149, crashes and freezes are gone mostly.

2) It brings some changes and new features and while visual changes may be less pronounced, the changes are very important as they define user experience.

3) We have it running on our main devices and it is worth recommending as a daily driver. Battery Life is good and we never faced any heating issue in daily use. In case you are facing issue with battery discharge check the video below for a quick tip on managing background apps.

4) Many bugs like Lock-screen bug, crashes and freezes have been fixed in Build 10166.

Build 10166 Bugs:

There are not many annoying bugs (if you use it on your main device) in Build 10166. Here are some of the common bugs.

  • Crashes and freezes are mostly gone but you may get them rarely. Workaround: No workaround but a hard reset may make it better.
  • Store is out of Beta but still has download and install issues with certain apps. Workaround: Nothing, just retry.
  • Common freezing and crashing of apps like camera, settings and others now occur rarely. Workaround: A hard reset may help.
  • Microsoft Edge is proving to be a really fast browser but still suffers from download issues.

Build 10166 detailed hands-on video: