The claim of Build 10149 being the new preview build has finally come true and the Build 10149 is finally available for Fast Ring Insiders. While we are late to the party (being in Indian Time Zone), here is our first post about the changes that Build 10149 brings. Most visible change on my Lumia 640 XL is that now I can have 4-column of mid-size tiles on my start screen (something that was revealed in an official demo). Have a look at all visible UI changes below.

  • Four column of mid-size tiles on start screen
  • Four rows of action buttons in action center
  • Cellular, Torchlight and Note are new toggles
  • Search bar in app list is dark and app filter view has a new look
  • Swiping up to display and disappear navigation bar is back with Build 10149
  • Some apps like camera have new Icons
  • New icons in the volume bar



wp_ss_20150626_0003 wp_ss_20150626_0004 wp_ss_20150626_0005  wp_ss_20150626_0011