Build 10127 MobileTwo Windows 10 Mobile news here!! Windows 10 Mobile Build 10127 has leaked in a video and here are some of the new features or changes.

The most visible change is in the way settings are now displayed in landscape mode. It actually resembles the Windows 10 Desktop UI in landscape mode. You can now use print to PDF option. Some settings like Speech have moved. Maps has a new icon. Alarms app has a transparent Tile in Build 10127.

But apart from these, there are not many big changes from the recent preview Build 10080 and most of other changes are minor in nature or bug fixes. That brings us to question of whether Microsoft is trying to stabilize even Windows 10 Mobile by focusing on polish and stability rather than new features. Watch the video for more.


Bad news first! Microsoft has just revealed that Phones Build 10134 will not be pushed to Windows Insiders due to a upgrade bug. Now good news!! Seems a new “good build” is what Microsoft plans to push soon.

Gabe Aul has though confirmed that the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build  under internal testing is the Build 10134. However noteworthy is the fact that the latest Windows 10 Desktop build number under testing is Build 10134, again confirmed by Gabe.

So, though Microsoft has officially expressed intention to release Windows 10 starting July 29 pushing Windows 10 Mobile release for “later date”. Lack of new features seen in Build 10127 and both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile coming to the same testing stage in terms of build numbers may hint about Windows 10 Mobile going for RTM sooner than expected.

Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!