Build 10080 bugsWindows 10 Mobile Build 10080 is available now for Windows Insiders and we have done some good coverage of the Build. You can catch that all by clicking here and we will treat you with detailed hands-on videos of various aspects of the Build 10080 in coming days. Now, time to share my early impressions of the Build. We will also share some common bugs, update issues and workarounds wherever possible.

1) Build 10080 is certainly more buggy than last Build 10051, but surprisingly is more stable and smoother in operation. I initially faced 2-3 freezes and needed to do soft reset but after that it has been rock solid.

2) For me battery life has improved over Build 10052 and it is getting discharged at slower rate.

3) Talking of bugs above screenshots can give you good idea of some of them, though as I said you may still like using this Build after initial hiccups

4) Settings like Glance screen are back to life and even look enhanced (didn’t work in last build)

5) Bugs like “couldn’t take screenshot” message and speech download issues from last two builds are still there in this Build

6) New Music Preview app has OneDrive integration working well and I can see my uploaded songs in the app ready to be played.

7) Store Beta works well for a new app. The download experience still needs more work.

8) Office Preview apps are major highlights of the new Build and are impressive to say the least

9) Get stated app now works. Check the screenshots here.

10) You can also notice that tiles arrangement on the start screen looks bit different from what we have seen on Build 10052. Personalization options like transparency slider and colors make it more customizable

Overall, once you survived initial cups after installing the Build 10080, it is joy to use and more stable. Many non-working features and settings in earlier builds have been brought to life again in this new Build.

Build 10080 Bugs, Update issues & workarounds:

1) Devices freezing frequently after installation. Soft reset should take care of it.

2) No tiles shown on start screen after installation and it just shows loading. Try Reboot first. If doesn’t work try a soft reset else hard reset is the last option. In case you are not able to go to settings try hard reset by using phone keys. Here is our reset tutorial.

3) Device goes in a reboot loop. Again try hard reset by using phone keys. Here is our reset tutorial.

4) Video and Game apps appear in the app list like (@c:/data) shown in above screenshot.

5) In case you are seeing big tiles on start screen (on some Lumia 930), you can go to Settings—>Personalization—>Start—>Show More Tiles–> Set as On.

6) Transparency is not applied properly. Try changing or removing the background and again setting back. If it doesn’t work, try hard reset.

7) Setting transparency on makes “More Tiles” option off. Try hard reset and it still doesn’t work wait for the next build.

You can also follow Microsoft discussion forums for more on the Build 10080 bugs and workarounds.