Build 10080 featuresSo, here we are with our Third (and not the last) hands-on video of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080. In this video we cover some less-covered features that come with Build 10080 and also how to enable experimental features in Spartan. Changes are listed below and watch the video to see them in action.

  • Spartan aka Microsoft Edge has new Download manager and experimental features as new changes.
  • Settings can be quickly searched now.
  • Extra Nokia or Lumia settings work in this build. Glance settings seem enhanced.
  • Tap to Pay with HCE is here.
  • Get started app works now.

Build 10080 hands-on video:

We have done some good coverage of the Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080. You can catch that all the coverage by clicking here. Read all about the existing and upcoming features of Windows 10 Mobile at our dedicated page.