Windows 10 Mobile musicSo, here we are with our second hands-on videos of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080. In this video we cover two redesigned universal apps: Music Preview and Video Preview. Not only these apps sport a brand new UI but also bring features like .mkv support. We covered personalization or start screen customization options, new phone update settings and the new Store Beta in our first hands-on video.

Changes are listed below and watch the video to see them in action.

  • New redesigned UI that makes navigation easier and is feature packed
  • OneDrive integration works like charm and I can see all my music right there in Music preview
  • You can download full playlists or albums of songs to be available for offline use from OneDrive
  • Video Preview plays .mkv files with ease

Build 10080 hands-on video:

We have done some good coverage of the Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080. You can catch that all the coverage by clicking here. Read all about the existing and upcoming features of Windows 10 Mobile at our dedicated page.