Interactive tiles1Microsoft is going to reveal more about Windows 10 consumer experience in an event on January 21. The latest leaked Build 9901 pretty well underlines the direction Windows 10 development is heading to. But, there is still much more in works and Windows 10 (Phone) may undergo lots of change (from how it looks now or will look on 21st Jan), before it finally makes its way to Windows Phone devices as dev preview.

Here are some latest tidbits about Windows 10’s “cool consumer oriented features” in works, from our sources!! Keep in mind these may or mayn’t make the cut to final Build but are highly probable.

Interactive Tiles:

The interactive tiles look more like a widget and much more usable on Windows or if they come to Windows Phone, chances of which happening now is more than ever. So, one doesn’t need to leave start screen for interacting with any app and more information, notifications can be displayed by accessing the tiles only. Read more about them and watch the interactive tiles in action by clicking here.

Advanced notification center:

Not only actionable notifications are re-confirmed to be in works, but it also seems that notification center may come with tweaked UI and will show many more control options like “music controls”, while playing music.

Flyout tiles:

This is also interesting and seems some Live tiles may come with feature of splitting or exploding into more tiles showing different notifications / messages / info from the app, when you tap on them. It is somewhat similar to old “Zune Mixview” (shown in the image below).

Zune Mixview Microsoft is trying to bring its old but cool features to Windows 10 in form of Flyout tiles, it seems. But it may not be the only “blast from past”!! Build 9901 has revealed “Windows Mobile” branding, too.