Windows 10 8.15Feast your eyes on the first screenshots of Windows 10’s Build 8.15.12493.42. Last we reported a Build 8.15.12492 from WPBench and later our sources confirmed it to be a Windows 10 for phones preview build.

Now the leaked build is 8.15.12493.42 and it seems we will get a release build that will have 8.15.XXX build versions. The screenshots look authentic and reveal what we already have seen in demo of Windows 10 for Phones during January 21 event. You can see the redesigned “Settings” and “Action center” and these are again universal in nature and can be seen in latest Windows 10 desktop Build 9926. You can read all about the changes and new features of Windows 10 for Phones at our dedicated page here.

We have also reported a Windows 10 for Phones build 10.0.11345 at WPBench earlier, so we can see a 8.15.XXX build for preparing the system to take a build finally.

In case you want to know how to register as a Windows Insider for updating to Windows 10 preview, here is our step by step tutorial.