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Windows 10 Apps store missing features detailed. App version, last update date coming back


Apps storeMicrosoft has now taken some pains to explain the changes in Unified Windows 10 Apps store on web and also talk about some features that will make a comeback later. To give a background of the issue, some days ago Microsoft made the unified Windows 10 store available on web and all the windows phone and windows apps URLs started redirecting to this store. But on doing a quick review we found the store lacking in so many aspects that it was a letdown kind of feeling. Now, Microsoft has talked about the changes, missing features and what features will make a come back. So here are some major points from the post,

App version, last update date, and device compatibility not visible in the app page. The app description pages do not include which devices the app works on, nor does it show the app version and last update date. We are working to bring these popular features back in a future update. One recommendation is to add the app version in the app description when you update your apps.

New Ratings and Reviews Algorithm. The Windows 10 Store uses new review sorting logic to improve the customer experience in a variety of ways:

The most recent reviews with most ‘helpful’ votes are bubbled to the top of the list, ensuring comments on are relevant and useful for customers looking at your app.

The profanity detection algorithm has been updated and improved. As customers change the way they use profanity in reviews, the algorithm will adapt and further refine the way it detects inappropriate language.

New spam detection will detect and remove more spam before customers see it.

New web Store and URL redirects: The previous Store URLs windows.microsoft.com and www.windowsphone.com now redirect customers to the new web Store apps.microsoft.com. Existing URLs and links continue to work and automatically redirect customers to the new Store.

Installing apps from web Store not available. Installing apps to a Windows Phone when using the Store in a PC browser is not supported. Apps must be installed from the device itself.

URL to show all apps from one publisher no longer available. The URLs that pointed to all apps from a single publisher in Windows Phone (e.g. https://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/store/publishers?publisherId=xxx) are no longer supported. Customers can select a publisher’s name in an app’s product description page to view a list of the publisher’s apps.

So, while app version and last updated date is making a comeback at sometime in future, manual install from app store and Publisher URLs are gone for ever. Even the not-so-user-friendly UI navigation is not going to change soon but Microsoft is open to feed back and evolving the store experience.

This new Windows Store experience will continue to evolve, so as you explore, please send feedback as you see areas to improve, using the “Windows Feedback” app (search for it in the Start menu.)

Do let us know what you feel about all these changes made to App store by Microsoft.


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