BIPek-JCYAAiZeS@evleaks has posted now a press photo of Lumia 928 in White with views of all sides. The device is looking pretty sweet in White and one can really appreciate the design and the fact that it is really thinner than Lumia 920. Have a look at quick comparison picture with White Lumia 920 below which again highlights the difference in design and size between two devices. Lumia 928 is really thinner than Lumia 920 and it may be in a range of 9 mm in terms of thickness as compared to 10.7 mm of Lumia 920. There may be difference in material used for the body construction of both devices as well!!Lumia 928 vs Lumia 920 white-NPUAnyways, @evleaks terms this press photo and earlier Black one as Final look, so may be we are very close to the announcement now. Though, it is wise to think that the device goes on pre-order when AT&T’s 6-month exclusivity deal for Lumia 920 ends somewhere around mid-May.