Lumia EmeraldSo, I am forced to write this, as I just encountered a third kind of reaction yesterday, other than Whiners and enthusiasts kind of reactions, we usually see. This reaction looks like of “Sour grapes” kind. What this means is when you are not the first to report the leak, you try your level best to paint it as “Fake” or “Hoax”.

You may run a successful blog, but that shouldn’t make you undermine other bloggers, because others are successful too and frankly none gives a shit to what you think or write. Anyways, humility is a rare virtue nowadays, but when you have an internet presence, try to be polite when interacting with your own kinds.

Now, coming to covering leaks and rumors, even the largest of media portals do it and from my blogging experience, I can confirm that leaks and rumors don’t make more than 5-10% of a successful blog traffic. So, why anyone covers them? Because, they are interesting and we will certainly cover them going forward. And, you will also see “Sour Grapes” kind of bloggers covering them too, when they get it first and they will assign some hypocrite rating for their accuracy.