whatsapp betaUpdate:

The WhatsApp update is causing issues, as reported by many of you. After update, users are not able to use the app, as it gets stuck at creating favorites or else nothing shows up in Chats and groups.

While WhatsApp needs to issue a bug-fixing update to take care of the bugs urgently, what you can try isĀ  uninstalling and reinstalling the app. After re-installation, when you will open the app it will ask for restore of message backup, don’t do it or it will again get stuck at Favorites. This way, you will lose all your chats, but WhatsApp will start working again.


Quick heads-up!!

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has received its long-due major update. The update brings full Windows Phone 8.1 compatibility. You can share location, crop and rotate photos, archive chats and groups, set background for every chat or group and more. The latest version is 2.11.586. We have seen the changelog and screenshots getting leaked before.


– WhatsApp now opens faster
– Share Location: drop and drag pin lets you share a precise location
– You can now add captions to photos and videos
– Crop and rotate photos
– Added ability to archive chats and groups
– Each chat or group can now have it’s own background
– Better support for phones with high-resolution screens

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