The developer tgalal has posted the progress update for “Whatsapp for N9“. According to him following things are done.

  • Message delivery indicators – Almost
  • Chat logging – Done
  • Only 1 to 1 Conversations – Done
  • Contacts sync – Done
  • Integration with Accounts manager – Done
  • Integration with Meego’s notifications – Almost
  • Registration which is done too via native Accounts manager. It also automatically parses the received Whatsapp code so you wouldn’t enter it manually.- Done
  • “Contact is typing” indicator – Done
  • Contact presence – Done

List of things which are not done yet,

  • Editing Status – Not yet
  • Running the app in background – Not yet

Taking the above status update into account, release of the application doesn’t seem far away.

Contributors to the forum have also almost finalized the icon for the application, which to me looks very official and perfect.