Darren seemingly a big Lumia fan tweeted Nokia saying,

“@Nokia I will let you paint my car for a Lumia 900. I am serious.” – @skooal – aka Damien, from Wexford

Now, this was turn of Nokia and they planned to execute what Darren has invited them for.

Well, how could we resist such temptation? To physically haul ourselves to the beautiful Emerald Isle (the country itself is reason enough to go!) and jazz up the car of one of our fans, was just too much of a mouth-watering prospect to resist. So, after a few weeks of meticulous planning, hours of poring over top-secret blueprints and a million cups of coffee, we are ready to unveil Damien’s new Lumia car!

So, check the picture above to see Darren with his new Lumia and the painted Car. Wanna see how his car was made the “Lumia car”, watch the video below.