Nokia has launched this application with Mark/Space and it is available for free at Marketplace for Nokia phones. It will not only let you transfer your conatcts and other personal stuff like Calendars,Meida items from your old Android, Balckberry and iPhone but also will scan and suggest comparative applications to those which you were using on your last device.

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With Welcome Home, you just plug in your Lumia to your computer (Mac or PC, your choice) and the application handles moving your contacts and personal data – quickly and easily.

Welcome Home works for new Lumia customers coming from iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones and will move your contacts, calendars, pictures, songs and videos from your old phone to Microsoft Live. But what about all those apps you have on your old phone? No worries there, either.

The Welcome Home application will scan your apps on your old phone and will produce a list of recommended apps with scannable QR codes for easy download.

How it works:

To get started with the Welcome Home application, download the application and simply plug in your phone via USB to your computer.

Step 1: Let it scan your data

Step 2: See your results

Step 3: See your apps recommendations and install the apps using the QR code.  To do this on your Lumia, from the homescreen, hit the magnifying glass in the lower right of the screen and touch the icon that looks like an eyeball. The code will scan and you can touch the link to be taken to the apps’ page in Marketplace.

Step 4: enter in your Live account credentials and hit Next.

Step 5: The data extracted from your old phone will be copied to your computer.

Step 6: Finally, using Zune or Windows Phone Connector for Mac, move your data onto your new phone.

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