This time it is which has done an extensive shootout by putting Lumia 920 against all other competitor Flagships iPhone 5, SGS III and HTC One X. They have really done a very fair comparison. Read below about their testing methodology.

The two devices are inserted into a species of House system to allow a simultaneous shot with two cameras. The basic settings are chosen, but capture in 1080p in all cases (videos are in full HD, you can open them in large sizes). On the video of the iPhone 5 we cut a section during which the Apple terminal had moved more than the 920 in its location and made the comparison biased on this segment.

you will see, the zoom is not the same on the two parts of the videos. This is due to the 920 which offers a wider than other devices capture angle. We have chosen not to alter the zoom to provide you with the 1080p video in its initial quality (as close as possible). Zoom in on the video of the 920 would not allow judging the quality of the image of honest way. For trimming, we decided not to do a vertical but rather horizontal cut. Two reasons: you have ever had the opportunity to see vertical collages, the rendering would have not brought much good. But above all, we felt only on tests of stability of such offending movement is especially horizontally and it seems more interesting to have the entire field in its length than in height (feel free to comment on this point in the comments below). Finally, the timing is not perfect, because for One X, capture occurs at different levels of frames per second.

Now coming to the results, they are not different from earlier shootout done by “Engadget” sometime back, rather the horizontal crop done by reviewers here has made the difference look more prominent. Lumia 920 seriously outdoes others in not only smooth video capturing but also video captured by Lumia 920 has better clarity and color reproduction. Check for yourself,




Thanks Ronit for the Tip!!