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In weekend watch we are bringing to you two videos which compare video quality and lossless zoom between two PureView device. One is the original 41 MP camera of 808 PureView and the other very capable 8.7 MP camera with OIS and first 6-element lens of Lumia 925. We have received Lumia 925 from Nokia India as the review unit and though it is quite late we will bring to you our camera impressions both video and stills and use 808 PureView as the benchmark.

If you ask us, Lumia 925 camera captures sharp and smooth videos with lots of resolved details. One thing that has impressed me about Lumia 925 camera is its color accuracy which is perhaps the best on a Lumia camera yet. It captures colors which are very close to real but still look vibrant.

If you are confused with use of the term lossless zoom on Lumia 925 then for your info If you use Nokia Camera on your Lumia 925 then its is capable of 1.8X lossless zoom in 1080p capture. In both the below videos Lumia 925 video is on left and 808 PureView video is on right.

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