IE dataTime for our weekend roundup, where we do a roundup of all the super-interesting stuff covered over weekend, so that in case you didn’t get a chance to be online on weekends, you don’t miss them!! So, here are the highlights.

Windows Phone Tips & Tutorials:

[Windows Phone 8.1 setup tip: What are the recommended settings?]

[Changing name of your Windows Phone & How to hard reset to delete data completely]

[“Project my screen” doesn’t work on your Windows Phone, here is what you can try.]

Accident-proof tech from HERE and Nokia:

[Accident-proof Connected cars: Nokia Networks & HERE have a solution]

New Windows Phone apps Flipboard, IE Data Savings, 6cret:

[Updated with official response: Flipboard app seen at Windows Phone store.]

[Microsoft releases “IE Data savings” app to let know of your Browser data savings]

[Rudy Huyn’s Secret app 6cret comes to store, unpublished & resubmitted with an update]

Best Deals from India and UK:

[Best deals (India) for Nokia X2, Lumia 530, Lumia 520, Lumia 525, Lumia 630, Lumia 925, Lumia 1320, Lumia 1520]

[Best deals (UK): Lumia 520 (£59), Lumia 2520 (£359), Lumia 530 (£69), Lumia 630 (£89), Lumia 930 (£399), Lumia 1020 (£323) & more]

New Windows Phone vendors and devices:

[Microsoft: 14 new Vendors & 22 new Windows Phone devices in last few months]

More apps news:

[Apps update roundup: My Talking Tom, Opera Mini and UC Browser preview]

[6tin will get notifications back with new update]