Time for our weekend roundup, where we do a roundup of all the super-interesting stuff covered over weekend, so that in case you didn’t get a chance to be online on weekends, you don’t miss them!! So, here are the highlights.

Windows 10 next build to bring new features, newest build is 10.0.12527.0:

[Teaser: Next Windows 10 for Phones build may bring some big new features. Latest known build is 10.0.12527.0]

Flyout Tiles revealed in official documentation:

[Flyout Tiles (3D Touch) gets revealed in new leaked Windows 10 documentation]



Windows 10 next build supports all phones but Lumia 930:

[New Windows 10 supported Phones list is out. Lumia 630, Lumia 535, Lumia 520, Lumia 530 included, Lumia 930 not]

Windows Phone next build one week away:

[Next Windows 10 Phones build “at least one week away”. Promise of “Faster builds” still there.]

VLC WPApps updates:

[VLC for Windows Phone fixes last.fm scrobbling bug in latest update.]