Time for our weekend roundup, where we do a roundup of all the super-interesting stuff covered over weekend, so that in case you didn’t get a chance to be online on weekends, you don’t miss them!! So, here are the highlights.

Windows 10 activity detection
RM-1141 has 5-inch display:

[RM-1141 revealed to have a 5-inch screen in new data]

Windows 10 WI-Fi Direct & Bluetooth new features:

[Windows 10: Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 & Bluetooth (audio & other) enhancements revealed]

win 10 nfc 2Windows 10 activity detection & all new sensors support:

[Windows 10 supports activity detection & new sensors. Activity detection demo with phone screenshots]

win 10 NFCWindows 10 HCE support & other NFC enhancements:

[Windows 10 to bring HCE support (tap to pay). Demo video. Details more NFC changes]

UntitledNew Apps & apps news:

[Game Troopers publishing Overkill 3 for Windows Phone. Teaser video.]

[myAppFree for Windows Phone receives an update]

[Mirror’s Edge, Carcassonne, AV Remote in Red Stripe Deals for Windows Phone.]